I worked in collaboration with Womankind to provide embroidery workshops for trauma healing. Once a week, I went to one of their residences to do a workshop with the people temporarily living there, whom had suffered from domestic violence, sexual abuse, or human trafficking. People were growing and opening up as they started to think about the future, came back to class with new stitches, and their excitement turned into dreams, ambitions, at times concrete steps for their future outside of the residence.  

With embroidery, they found a sense of agency, confident that they can tackle a skill and make it their own. Embroidery teaches patience, kindness, and acts as a reflective tool for people to look at what they might be resisting in their lives. The conversations I had in the workshops about the body, about culture, about clothes, about life in and outside of the residence, fueled and informed how I constructed the clothes for my thesis collection. 
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